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Claim Back PPI

You may be wondering, “can I claim back PPI (payment protection insurance) on my loan or credit card?”. If so, ask yourself the following questions…

Were you self-employed, unemployed or retired at the time of taking out the cover?

If yes, no PPI policies exist where you would be eligible to make a claim so you were mis-sold PPI.

Were you not informed PPI was optional or that cheaper cover could be purchased elsewhere?

The salesperson should of explained to you that PPI isn’t mandatory and that it can be purchased from outlets other than the lender, if they didn’t you were possibly mis-sold PPI.

Was it implied PPI was compulsory or that by taking it, you would have a better chance of obtaining finance?

If answering “yes” to this question, the salesperson selling PPI to you was either mis-informed or poorly trained or merely using an unscrupulous sales technique, again either way you may have been mis-sold PPI.

Was PPI added to your finance without you asking for the cover?

If “yes”, the salesperson more than likely had sales targets to hit and used unscrupulous methods to “sell” PPI. They may have described the loan or credit card as “protected” or may have just failed to mention the insurance at all, either way you may have been mis sold PPI.

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Our advisor's are trained to be courteous and professional at all times. Claiming PPI is your choice - no one elses! We will offer you all the advice you need and you will not be pressured into making any decisions you feel uncomfortable about.
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