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Which PPI?

Which PPI? Which PPI should you make a mis-sold claim on? Our answer is all of them. Mortgage, Credit Card and/or Loan. Its quite common for people to believe they do not have PPI (Payment Protection Insurance). Most share the opinion it was when the PPI scandal hit the UK, was the first time they had

P Pi

P Pi  The banks in the UK have finally after a long battle given their fight to avoid paying P pi compensation to customers who were missold payment protection insurance (PPI). “The British Bankers’ Association has announced that it will not be appealing against last month’s ruling in the High Court that the City regulator

Claims for PPI

Claims for PPI One of the biggest claims for ppi reasons is the fact that people didn’t even know they had it! You can make claims for PPI if you find the payment protection insurance product on any of your loan or hire purchase agreements. Quite often even on the agreement is says contact us for further

How to Claim

How to Claim How to Claim Video

Cheap Car Insurance

Insurance for your car insurance? Thats a bit sneaky. It has been seen that car insurance companies just put it on and hope nobody notices it before the fourteen days are up and after that your stuffed. If you find this to be the case write to the company who you took out your insurance

Claiming back PPI

PPI has been big news recently as many people have discovered that they are entitled to compensation for mis-sold policies. Payment Protection Insurance is designed to protect customers in circumstances when they are not able to make their regular payments. This is often a good idea, but if your bank did not play by the

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