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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions we get asked a lot!

FAQ: What is PPI?

PPI stands for Payment Protection Insurance and is an insurance policy offered by many banks and financial institutions to specifically help you continue to make your credit card or loan repayments in case you find yourself unable to do so because of unemployment, illness or accident that stops you from working. For many people this is a common sense policy to have and can help in such circumstances. Life has a habit of being unpredictable and redundancies and physical problems can come out of the blue. PPI has helped many people to repay their credit agreements instead of falling behind and damaging their ability to receive credit in the future.

However, many people have experienced difficulty when attempting to make a claim on their policy; having their claim denied because of technicalities or small print. Another problem with PPI is that many people have reported that the policy was added to their account either without their full permission or in circumstances when it was not necessary for them to have it. If you have, or have had a PPI policy in the past, it is certainly worth looking into seeing whether or not PPI was mis-sold and if you can claim back any of your payments.

Many companies specialise in helping people make such claims. Perhaps you are not even aware of whether or not your bank has been taking PPI payments. There’s nothing inherently wrong with Payment Protection Insurance or guarding yourself against financial hardships; however, these agreements need to be completely transparent and applicable to your circumstances to begin with.

Indeed, most PPI claims are not about the product itself but about whether the financial establishment which sold it to you played by the rules. If they didn’t, you may be entitled to receive your money back. Many banks have already paid out large sums of money and have set aside further cash for repayments. If you have a credit card, loan, mortgage or any other credit agreement, perhaps it is worth finding out whether PPI was mis-sold to you.

FAQ: How long does a claim take?

The acknowledging a complaint the lenders have 8 weeks to investigate the case and issue a final decision. However if your mis-sold PPI case needs to be referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), it can take up to 2 years in some cases to reach a conclusion.

FAQ: Was I mis-sold PPI?

If you have taken out finance in the last ten years, be it a credit card, store card, personal loan or car finance and can answer “yes” to any of the following statements, you may have been mis-sold PPI. If answering Yes, we will be able to investigate your case to see if you may be eligible to claim on any mis-sold PPI.

PPI Eligibility

  • Were you self-employed, unemployed or retired at the time of taking out the cover?
  • Were you not informed PPI was optional or that cheaper cover could be purchased elsewhere?
  • Was it implied PPI was compulsory or that by taking it, you would have a better chance of obtaining finance?
  • Was PPI added to your finance without you asking for the cover?

If you can answer yes to any of the above SEE IF YOU CAN CLAIM BACK PPI!

FAQ: Can I claim PPI?

You have probably seen the news on the television, the internet as well as numerous print sources in regards to the fiasco regarding payment protection insurance and all the consumers who are claiming back PPI repayments and fees.

As a consumer who may have taken out a new credit card, catalogue, store card, mortgage loan or personal loan through credit card companies, loan companies and top banking institutes, are you asking yourself “can I claim back ppi?”.

FAQ: Why was I mis-sold PPI?

You may have been mis-sold PPI and could be eligible to make a PPI reclaim. PPI could have been mis-sold if you were told the insurance was compulsory (it isn’t), it could have been mis-sold if you weren’t even aware you had purchased cover and it could have even been mis-sold if you were already covered through work or your partner. It could have also been mis-sold if the cover was for a store card that was taken out in a shop or over the phone without the terms of the policy being explained to you.

When taking out a PPI policy, lenders are obliged to inform you of the specific criteria of the insurance including the terms of the insurance and any exclusions there is, they also should confirm PPI is the right insurance product for you.

FAQ: Can I do a claim myself?

You can claim yourself by approaching the lenders directly or going to the Financial Ombudsman Service explaining why you believe the policy was Mis-Sold. The Financial Ombudsman Service can be contacted by phone for free on 0800 023 4 567.

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