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About Us

Claim back your PPI payments on bank overdraftsClaim back your PPI payments on bank overdrafts

PPI Insurance Claims started in August 2010, by Resham Talawila after having success claiming back PPI, and aimed to provide clear and concise way to claiming back PPI from the financial institutions that mis-lead us.

Our Claims Process

PPI Insurance Claims – assisting the UK consumer in reclaiming mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance, (PPI) or sometimes known as Loan Protection, Credit Insurance or Credit Protection Insurance.

PPI Insurance Claims is for individuals in the UK who would like to know more about this financial product or have ever taken out a loandebt repaymentmortgage,store cardoverdraftcar financecredit card, or a catalogue.

Values, Vision, Mission and Aims

PPI Insurance Claims’ values

· Reputation – building and maintaining a great reputation for our brand, ourselves and our stakeholders, enhanced by adopting the mind-set and skills associated with 100% accountability.

· Quality – endeavour to provide and exceed quality expectations throughout our company in every aspect from first contact to prompt lead delivery and follow up contact.

· Leadership – by being committed to the financial claims industry and delivering best practice with a flexible approach.

· Service – by having a “flawsome” approach to business where we listen to our clients, stakeholders – and make changes – so we can be the best lead generation organisation in the United Kingdom.

· Accountability– practice true accountability by developing a culture of empowered staff and clients who are individually and collectively committed to organisational results.

· Respect – we believe that all stakeholders should be treated with consideration and dignity.

· Confidentiality– by respecting client information and focusing only on the client’s goals and success!

· Integrity – we are committed to act in an ethical, honest and socially responsible manner.

PPI Insurance Claims’ vision is of a culture where financial claims are accessible to all UK consumers;

Our mission – to enable consumers to be able to improve their financial knowledge, increase confidence in the financial industry and provide 100% transparency and automation enabling a shorter and quicker PPI claim process.

PPI Insurance Claims has a professional and goal driven approach to business to enable growth and success, which is our passion.

Our aims are to achieve this through best practice initiatives utilising our business expertise and resources, collaborative working and enabling consumers to make informed decisions when choosing to work with a potential claims management company. We will gain growth through strategic partnerships, sustainability and networking.

PPI Insurance Claims will endeavor to do this by:

· Encouraging consumers to reclaim Payment Protection Insurance money which has been mis sold

· Helping consumers reclaim their money who

  • were told PPI was compulsory
  • didn’t know they had PPI cover
  • were told or sold the wrong cover, self-employed, unemployed or retired when PPI was sold
  • existing or previous medical problems in the past
  • the financial provider has already been fined!

· Enabling the consumer to find our service because they want it!

We will achieve this for consumers in the United Kingdom by:

  • Providing an informative, educational, honest, fast, efficient customer focused website.
  • Providing a presence on all social media platforms for a quicker first response to any mis-sold PPI related query’s, concerns or questions.
  • Enabling an online and offline access to the service by offering existing network a commission of sales.
  • Providing access to 100% Automated Claims System, 24/7 claim tracking online or from a mobile app and a paperless E-Sign ability for customers.
  • As an introducer service our partner operates entirely on a no win no fee basis, this means that if a claim is not successful , for whatever reason, then the consumer will not pay a single penny. Should the claim be successful then our partner will invoice from an agreed 25% or 30% + VAT of the compensation recovered.

Why PPI Insurance Claims?

We Offer 100% Transparency and 100% Automated System. Which means a shorter, quicker PPI claim process for you!

24 Hour Claim Tracking

You will benefit from a dedicated case handler who will take your claim from start to finish. You are also free to login online and track the progress of your claim at any time; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • E-Sign Ability

Using paperless forms and e-sign through email no more waiting around for paperwork!

Once you have contacted us you can even download the app for Android, iPhone and Windows! This enabled you to update personal details and monitor the progress of your claim 24/7!

Our Claims Process


Once your claim is on our system the e-sign form or postal pack will be sent out along with a questionnaire to see if PPI has been paid. Once returned the claim is sent to the lender.


As determined by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) the lender/financial institution has up to 10 days to respond. Once acknowledged they have 8-12 weeks to come to a final decision.


Once the claim is accepted you will get the PPI refund/reclaim offer from the lender which meet the FSA guidelines. However, if the claim is rejected but there is evidence to prove mis-sold PPI, we contest the decision and submit the claim to the financial ombudsman.

Our PPI Statistics

  • Highest Claim to date £50,580
  • Average Customer Claim Win £2,489

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Professional Service

Our advisor's are trained to be courteous and professional at all times. Claiming PPI is your choice - no one elses! We will offer you all the advice you need and you will not be pressured into making any decisions you feel uncomfortable about.
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