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Cheap Pet Insurance

Insurance for your Cheap Pet Insurance Cover your self for your pets vet bills,due to treat unforeseen illness or accidental injury. Vet bills are not cheap and pet insurance will cover at least some of these expenses. Some pet insurance policies cover long-term or chronic illness while others only cover conditions for a 12-month period

Buildings Insurance

Insurance for you buildings insurance When you buy a freehold property funded by a mortgage, you are obliged to take out buildings insurance. This cover pays for the cost of rebuild, should your property be burnt to the ground or need shoring up if it suffers subsidence, for example. It is also advisable to insure

Cheap Car Insurance

Insurance for your car insurance? Thats a bit sneaky. It has been seen that car insurance companies just put it on and hope nobody notices it before the fourteen days are up and after that your stuffed. If you find this to be the case write to the company who you took out your insurance

Online Insurance Quote

Check your Online Insurance Quote Payment protection insurance can also be staggeringly expensive. The Citizens Advice Bureau reports that PPI premiums can add between 13% and 56% to the price of a loan. Payments can also carry high interest charges when lenders add insurance charges to the loan total. Even more worrying, you might have

Reclaim PPI Letter Template (Barlclays)

I was able to get back my Mis Sold PPI from Barclays using the temaplate letter below. Just replace the details in square brackets [ ] with your Barclays details. [YOUR NAME] [ADDRESS 1] [YOUR TOWN/CITY] [YOUR COUNTY] [YOUR POSTCODE] Barclays PPI Department Barclays Bank PLC Leicester LE87 2BB [DATE] Dear Sir/Madam, Re: [THE BARCLAYS

Act Today

Give us a call today on 0845 287 0265 or text ASK to 66777 to find if you have had PPI added to any of your finances.

Professional Service

Our advisor's are trained to be courteous and professional at all times. Claiming PPI is your choice - no one elses! We will offer you all the advice you need and you will not be pressured into making any decisions you feel uncomfortable about.
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