you could get you PPI money back by the 16th of September 2016
Claim back your PPI payments on bank overdraftsNo details? No problem!

Did BARCLAYS and ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND add PPI to your overdrafts?
No longer have any of your loan or credit card account numbers??? We can obtain these for you.
Find out if you may have been mis sold PPI. Text ASK to 66777 or click “enquire now“.


PPI Payouts Soar to £21 Billion!

It’s true — The latest figures show that the major banks have had to repay back £21 Billion !! Have you checked to see if you may have been mis sold PPI? You may be one of the many millions of people that this has happened to. It’s your right to find out if you may have been mis sold PPI.

Your claim

Claiming is simple. 1) Contact us 2) Give us any information you have/remember 3) We will then contact you and assess if you have been mis sold PPI.

Caring Advice

Dealing with large institutions can be incredibly intimidating – especially the financial ones! Their friendly when they need your business but when things dont go the way they want it to they come down on you like a ton of bricks. Contact us and we will deal with everything for you. We won’t be intimidated and we’ll give you all the advice  you need.

PPI Claims updating

When your claim is being processed we will keep you informed when ever any thing changes. The lenders have 8 weeks to investigate the complaint. If a lenders does not respond within 8 weeks or the case is rejected then you may wish for us to take the case to the Financial Ombudsman Service. If this is the case they can take over a year to adjudicate on a case.

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PPI News

PPI News
Find out more about the latest news in the great Mis Selling PPI Scandal.

Contact Us

Contact Us
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PPI on Overdrafts

Reclaim PPI on Overdrafts
Did you know you can claim back the PPI on your overdraft? It doesn’t matter how long ago it was either!

No Win No Fee

No Win No Fee
Reclaiming your PPI costs you NOTHING upfront. Beware of companies who ask for money for processing your claim.

Act Today

Claiming back your PPI can be a bit of a minefield. Give us a call today on 0845 287 0265 or text ASK to 66777 to find if you have had PPI added to any of your finances.

Professional Service

Our advisor's are trained to be courteous and professional at all times. Claiming PPI is your choice - no one elses! We will offer you all the advice you need and you will not be pressured into making any decisions you feel uncomfortable about.
Reclaim Your PPI Ltd is regulated by the Claims Management Regulator in respect of regulated claims management activities, details available and recorded at Tel: 0333 200 0110. Our registration number is CRM 23970. Reclaim Your PPI Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales No: 07234815. Our registered offices are 2nd Floor, 683 – 693 Wilmslow Road, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 6RE